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Woman Finds Wedding Dress Lost During Hurricane Sandy

On July 29, 2012, Nicole Vinciguerra Pagliaro married the love of her life in two stunning dresses. For the ceremony, she wore her aunt's elegant 41-year old dress (which she returned the next day) and during her reception she changed into a stunning ruffled fit-and-flare. 

A few weeks after her nuptials, she took her reception gown to South Beach Cleaners on Staten Island to be preserved. When Hurricane Sandy hit and flooded the dry cleaners with over five feet of water, the new bride thought her dress was lost forever. 

vintage wedding dress
The bride kisses her new husband in her aunt's vintage gown.
Photo via Facebooklost wedding dress
Here, we see the beautiful reception dress as the couple pose for photos beneath the Verrazano Bridge.
Photo via Facebook

After the newlyweds tied the knot, they moved into a new house in a different neighborhood. (They were expecting their first child.) A couple days after Superstorm Sandy, the groom, Michael Pagliaro, went back to their old town to check on friends and family that still lived there. The bride was devastated when her husband told her that the shop that had her dress was completely destroyed.

"When I got home, I showed Nicole the pictures and she asked, 'What about the dry cleaners?' When I told her, she started crying," he told SI Live. Pagliaro drove by the store many times thereafter and there was no sign or phone number to call for information on when they would re-open. 

Little did she know that Hector Pacheco, the owner of the store, found the dress floating on top of the water in its airtight box. Unfortunately, all of South Beach's records were destroyed and he was unable to contact the owner. The shop was closed indefinitely and Pacheco wasn't able to open at a new location until this February 2014. 

Nearly two years after her wedding, on her way to work in Manhattan, she took a new route and something caught her eye in the window of a dry cleaners: It was her reception dress! Her husband told her it was very unlikely, but she had to be sure. Pagilaro still had her ticket, and the next day after work she stopped by and asked about her dress and left her phone number. She got a call from the store asking her to come by and meet with the owner. Pacheco instantly recognized her and gave her a big hug. 

Pagliaro was overjoyed to be reunited with her gown. She said, "I want my daughter to wear the dress at her wedding," referring to her 18-month-old, Mia Grace. Finding the dress "is another symbol of our relationship surviving everything," her husband added.

— Mary Gillen 

Author: bridal-buzz
Posted: July 29, 2014, 3:07 pm

July 29th

Photo Credit: Trish Lee

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"Are the fabrics synthetic? How is the construction on the gown? Where is the gown made? Are the embellishments falling off? These are signs of quality that you can look for," she adds.

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Author: ssainato
Posted: July 29, 2014, 1:27 pm

July 28th

Photo Credit: Damion Edwards Photography on Maharani Weddings via

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Author: ssainato
Posted: July 28, 2014, 6:48 pm

Get the Look: Piper Perabo's Metallic Wedding Dress

Piper Perabo plays a CIA operative on TV, but in real life, her wedding was anything but a Covert Affair! We can't stop talking about the 37-year-old bride's unconventional, silver Michael Kors dress that she wore when she married Stephan Kay in New York City on July 26th. (P.S. Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Campbell were also spotted in the same sequin animal print style for various appearances.)

piper perabo wedding dress
Photo Credit: Dave Robbins Photography via People

The Coyote Ugly actress accessorized with a bright yellow veil but we think a more minimalistic approach works best when going for a gown this bedazzled. 

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—Stefania Sainato

Author: fashion-beauty
Posted: July 28, 2014, 4:00 pm

Secretly Record Your Marriage Proposal Using This Genius Device

I'll never forget the joy I felt when my now-husband Jason uttered those four little words ("will you marry me?") but there are times when I wish I could actually replay that moment (on bad days, anniversaries and to show our future kids someday). But this was back in March 2010 before the viral proposal phenomenon hit YouTube in all its choreographed dance/movie trailer-esque glory.

At the time, my groom's only recording option was to have his best friend hide in the bushes. (Did I mention we got engaged on a beach with nary a bush in sight?) Although Jason appreciated the offer, he declined for fear that I would spot him and blow the entire surprise. He wanted the proposal to be romantic and intimate, just between the two of us.

So, when I recently heard about Ring Cam, a jewelry box that has a tiny camera built right in, I couldn't wait to share this cool innovation with you all in the hopes that it would help couples on the cusp of popping the question. The hidden micro-USB port plugs right into your computer and you can move the file over from there. It costs $199 to buy a Ring Cam or just $99 to rent one.

the ring cam

Ring Cam began as the engineering design project of four college classmates from Hope College in Michigan. They spent a year coming up with different prototypes and asked a couple of friends who were getting engaged if they could test it out. Scott Brandonisio, one of the inventors, tells WZZM 13 that "the videos that we got back were honestly incredible."

ring cam

Check out some of the best reactions below:

William Franks Wedding from Ring Cam on Vimeo.

I'm not the only one enamored with this concept — Ring Cam is in the running to be featured on the next season of ABC's hit entrepreneurial show, Shark Tank!

Tell us: Did you/do you want your proposal to be captured on film? Would you try this cute idea if you weren't already engaged?

—Stefania Sainato

Author: ssainato
Posted: July 28, 2014, 12:20 pm

July 25th

Photo Credit: Groomstars via

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Author: ssainato
Posted: July 25, 2014, 6:23 pm

#WeStillComing Wedding Photo Turns Out to Be a Disappointing Hoax

With all the details that go into planning your wedding day, it's easy to become distracted. Recently, a bride-to-be accidentally sent a wedding invitation via text to a couple of strangers — who decided to show up! Here, the hysterical results.

Kristen thought she was letting her friends know the address for her wedding photo-shoot and barbecue, but one of the messages was sent to a man she had never met. At first the stranger responded in typical fashion with, "Who is this?" But what happened next was far from your every day response. The man told her, "You have the wrong number but me and my boys will be there."

When Kristen tried to rescind her invitation, the stranger ignored it responding, "We still coming." The phrase has since become an Internet sensation and is now a trending hashtag on Twitter. That stranger wasn't kidding and when he turned up with his friends, the bride decided to include the wedding crashers in one of the best photobombs of all time. Check it out:

we still coming
Photo via Instagram

wedding photo crashers
Photo Credit: Adam Farkes

There is speculation that the photo could be an elaborate fake, but it is still hilarious nonetheless!


The real story: The bride, Amy, and her now-husband, Ian, got married at the Colony Club in Detroit, Michigan. After tying the knot, they took a trolley around town to take pictures at several locations, including the abandoned Michigan Central Station, where they encountered a rap group known as "7262". The couple's photographer, Adam Farkes, told The Washington Post that "They looked over at us, and we waved back at them and then we said, 'we are going to come over and dance in your music video.'" The group said 'yes' resulting in an awesome impromptu addition to their rap video. One of the attendees posted the photo on social media and the rest is history.

— Mary Gillen 

Author: bridal-buzz
Posted: July 24, 2014, 7:58 pm