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Before & After: Brides’ Incredible Shape-Up Stories

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By: Stefania Sainato Sweating for the wedding? Finding the motivation to make healthy nutrition and exercise choices every day can be challenging — especially when you've got 100 other tasks to cross off your to-do list. Whether you want to tone up, slim down, maintain your current weight or push yourself to ...

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Finding the right Banquet Hall

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Planning a wedding is no small feat, as couples are faced with many decisions seemingly from the moment they get engaged right up until they walk down the aisle as man and wife. One of the biggest decisions a couple will make is where to host the reception. Couples must consider a variety ...

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Origins of bridal customs

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Chances are those who have attended a wedding have witnessed some popular traditions take place. The bride wears a veil, a court of wedding attendants accompanies the bride and groom, and birdseed, rice or flower petals are tossed. But have you ever wondered why? The wedding customs are ripe with ...

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Overnight accommodations for wedding guests

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When your parents or grandparents got married, there was a good chance that their closest relatives and friends lived nearby -- in the neighborhood. Attending the wedding was easy, and everyone headed home afterward. This scenario is not too common nowadays. Many families have spread out across the country, or ...

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Seating Your Wedding Guests

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Weddings are filled with many emotions:happiness, excitement and anticipation, to name a few. With all of the positive emotions a wedding may drum up, in the mix there may be a few negative ones, including feelings of being overwhelmed at all the details that need to be completed on a ...

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Bridal Countdown Checklist

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Wedding Countdown Download and Print out The Courier Bridal Wedding Checklist Check off  each action item as you go through your wedding planning process! 18-12 Months Before Announce your engagement Arrange for all the parents to meet, if they haven’t already Set a date (have a backup in case everything is booked) Set and go ...

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