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Bridal Checklist

Wedding Countdown

Download and Print out The Courier Bridal Wedding Checklist
Check off  each action item as you go through your wedding planning process!

18-12 Months Before
  • Announce your engagement
  • Arrange for all the parents to meet, if they haven’t already
  • Set a date (have a backup in case everything is booked)
  • Set and go over the budget (include everyone who will be paying)
  • Interview wedding planners – if using one
  • Pick the ceremony site and visit the officiant
  • Work on a guest list with parents
  • Visit reception sites and reserve one
6-9 Months Before
  • Choose your wedding party
  • Choose a caterer
  • Enroll in a bridal gift registry
  • Buy your gown & accessories
  • Shop for attendants’ dresses
  • Hire a florist
  • Book a photographer/videographer
  • Choose a band or DJ
4-6 Months Before
  • Order wedding invitations, R.S.V.P. and thank-you cards and envelopes
  • Shop and order the cake
  • Arrange for out-of-town accommodation (tell hotel if you have a large group and you could receive a lower rate)
  • Complete the wedding list
2-4 Months Before
  • Contact the county clerk’s office for marriage
  • license and requirements
  • Order tuxedos
  • Get blood tests if necessary
  • Make honeymoon reservations (don’t forget about passports and visas)
  • Decide on menu with caterer or hall manager
  • Shop for wedding bands
  • Finalize honeymoon plans
  • Visit party rental shops for tables, chairs, decorations, etc . . .
4-8 Weeks Before
  • Mail invitations eight weeks prior to wedding date
  • Do a hair and makeup trial run with the veil
  • Make appointment for hair and makeup for the morning of  the wedding
  • Update insurance information with fiancé from single to married status
2-3 Weeks Before
  • Decide seating for dinner
  • Confirm reservations with photographer, florist, etc.
  • Call in dinner count
  • Have a final dress fitting
1 Week Prior
  • Schedule haircut for groom
  • Place fees in envelopes for organist, minister and give to best man
  • Designate a trustworthy friend to bring any heirlooms to and from the reception
  • Get a manicure, pedicure, facial and or a massage
  • Pack for the honeymoon – arrange for someone to bring luggage and going away outfits to the hall
The Day Before
  • Greet out-of-town guests
  • De-stress: go to the gym, take a walk, go to the movies with fiancé
  • Enjoy the wedding rehearsal and dinner!