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Strategies for seating wedding guests

Receptions may be big or small, lavish or casual. But regardless of their size or style, receptions all share a common element: They will require couples set up seating arrangement for guests. Even though assigned seating isn't mandatory, selecting seats for a sit-down dinner makes things simpler and reduces confusion. ...

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The how-to guide of estimating wedding attendance

In a perfect world, men and women invited to weddings would respond promptly and, for unmarried guests, indicate whether or not they're taking a date. But not all guests respond quickly, and some may forget to respond at all, even if they intend to make the wedding. According to various ...

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How long to set your engagement?

Factors that can affect the length of your engagement Each year, millions of couples around the world tie the knot. But before couples walk down the aisle, the proposal to get married must take place. Many couples mutually agree to get engaged, while the experience may be a surprise for others ...

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Get the most out of the Bridal Expo

Plan to attend our Annual Bridal Expo Event! Recently engaged couples may be excited to get a jump on wedding planning. Bridal shows can be a great way for couples to meet and familiarize themselves with local wedding professionals, all the while introducing themselves to the terminology of wedding planning. The Courier ...

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Healthy habits to add to your wedding prep

Couples can exercise together to maintain physical and mental well-being as they count down to their wedding day, together. After the big question is popped and loving partners decide to spend their lives together as a married couple, a whirlwind of activity will ensue. Although wedding planning is exciting, some couples ...

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Origins of bridal customs

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Chances are those who have attended a wedding have witnessed some popular traditions take place. The bride wears a veil, a court of wedding attendants accompanies the bride and groom, and birdseed, rice or flower petals are tossed. But have you ever wondered why? The wedding customs are ripe with ...

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Bridal Countdown Checklist

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Wedding Countdown Download and Print out The Courier Bridal Wedding Checklist Check off  each action item as you go through your wedding planning process! 18-12 Months Before Announce your engagement Arrange for all the parents to meet, if they haven’t already Set a date (have a backup in case everything is booked) Set and go ...

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Spring Brides | After the Wedding: Thank You Card Etiquette

Receiving wedding gifts is an added joy of getting married. Writing thank-you notes for each of these gifts, however, can be a challenge. This is especially true if you receive a large number of gifts. Not to worry, with this simple guide, your thank-yous will be thoughtfully written and in the mail in no time. WHO TO THANK Everyone ...

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Spring Brides | Culture: Marriage in the Movies

The wedding-themed romantic comedy is a beloved genre — and brings with it a range of emotion. We enjoy every crazy bridesmaid, every heartfelt moment between a bride and her mother, and the general fuss that goes into and surrounds the wedding planning process. The following three movies, released 10 years apart ...

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Spring Brides: ‘The Look’ All About the Hair

Your hair is a central component of the overall bridal look. What you choose to do with it — and adorn it with — can dramatically change your finished appearance. How you look will be an obvious focus of wedding planning since everyone else’s eyes will be on you. But don’t ...

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