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Get the most out of bridal shows and wedding events

Bridal shows can provide inspiration to couples planning their weddings.

Recently engaged couples may be excited to get a jump on wedding planning. Bridal shows can be a great way for couples to meet and familiarize themselves with local wedding professionals, all the while introducing themselves to the terminology of wedding planning.

Bridal and Wedding Expo Events

Though they’re a great source of information, contacts and samples, bridal shows also can be a bit overwhelming. Learning how to maximize time spent at shows can help couples plan their weddings as efficiently as possible.

  • Size matters. Check advertising and websites to verify how many merchants will be at the show.  This will determine if you’ll will need an hour or several to get through the facility to see everyone’s display.
  • Scout out vendors. Check the bridal show’s website for lists of exhibitors and see if your desired vendors are on the list. But even if they’re not, keep an open mind and use the show as a chance to compare offerings. If an event map is available, marking off must-visit booths can help save time.
  • Come prepared. Chances are each vendor is going to ask couples for information so that they can follow up with a phone call or email with more detailed offerings and estimates. Couples attending the show can expedite the process by coming equipped with labels that feature their names, contact information and wedding date. They can then stick the labels on sign-in sheets or use them like business cards.
  • Dress comfortably. Bridal expos involve a lot of walking and roaming around. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Consider a backpack or hands-free bag so you are not weighed down when collecting the swag and other handouts throughout the day.
  • Ask questions. When face-to-face with vendors, rely on their expertise but don’t hesitate to ask questions concerning themes, colors, recommendations for honeymoon locations, invitation paper suggestions, and much more. Write your questions down before you get there and take the list.

Wedding shows introduce couples to vendors and set them on the path to making decisions regarding the planning of their weddings.



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