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Spring Bridal Attire: Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

Spring Bridal Attire: Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

Spring-Bridesmaids-DressesNothing can cause more drama than choosing bridesmaids dresses — especially if you have a large bridal party or opinionated attendants.

The smart bride understands that this aspect of her wedding is less about her and more about her maids.

You should know your wedding colors and have your venue booked and your own gown ordered. All of these items will impact the style and hue of the gowns you choose. Will you be choosing the gown or have you decided to allow your maids to choose their own (with your final approval, of course)? Do you want your maids in the same style? Will they be wearing various colors or hues of the same color? Know the answers to each of these questions before stepping foot inside a bridal salon.

Look through many photos before you begin shopping. Also keep in mind, as much as you love them, your friends are not models (unless they are) — so what you see in photos will look different in person and on each individual person.

Not everyone is going to have the same budget, and a compassionate bride-to-be will be mindful of this. Unless you are picking up the tab, don’t choose a pricey gown. Not everyone views your wedding as the investment you see it as.

This applies both to your expectations of the dress and your maids. Keep in mind that the color you see in a magazine might be slightly different in person. Be flexible in terms of what is will look good on different skin tones. Remember, as much as you might love a color, above all, you want everyone to look their best.

Many dresses require one to three months to ship, so be sure to allow for this. After the dresses arrive, you also will need time for your maids to pick them up (unless they are being shipped directly) and for the gowns to be altered. So don’t wait too long before checking this item off the bridal to-do list.

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