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Spring Brides | After the Wedding: Thank You Card Etiquette

Spring Brides | After the Wedding: Thank You Card Etiquette

Wedding Thank You Card EtiquetteReceiving wedding gifts is an added joy of getting married. Writing thank-you notes for each of these gifts, however, can be a challenge.

This is especially true if you receive a large number of gifts. Not to worry, with this simple guide, your thank-yous will be thoughtfully written and in the mail in no time.

Everyone who has given you a gift should receive your thanks. Be sure to add anyone who helped in planning, organizing, and decorating or ran errands on your behalf. Your wedding would not have been what it was without help. Start by making a list. This will ensure you don’t forget anyone and makes it easy to cross off each name as cards are written.

For every gift you receive before your big day, you have a couple of weeks to post a thank you note. For every gift received at or after your wedding, you generally have a few months. This is not to say you should wait until the end of this etiquette deadline. Try to send your thank-you notes out as quickly as possible — ideally within the first few weeks after you return from your honeymoon.

As a culture, we have always struggled with the best way to say, “thank you.” The best way to pen a mass quantity of thank-you notes is to stick with a simple formula, with a touch of personalization.

Start with a simple greeting:
Dear __________________________,
Then express your gratitude:
Thank you so much for __________________________.

Next, mention the gift by name and add a personal detail. This could be how you plan on using or displaying the gift. If the person has given money, describe how you plan to spend it.

Follow up this sentence by stating when you hope to see the person again, what the person means to you, or just that you’re thinking of her. Finally, end with your regards.

You can relieve much of your anxiety about the task by making the experience an enjoyable one. Start off by stocking up on some beautiful stationery. Thank-you cards are items you will need again and again, so you can take advantage of bulk deals without worrying about waste. Make it an “event.” Put on some fun music, pour a glass of wine and pick up your favorite pen. Don’t forget to split the task with your beloved.

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