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Spring Brides: ‘The Look’ All About the Hair

Spring Brides: ‘The Look’ All About the Hair

Spring-Bridal-Hair-TipsYour hair is a central component of the overall bridal look. What you choose to do with it — and adorn it with — can dramatically change your finished appearance. How you look will be an obvious focus of wedding planning since everyone else’s eyes will be on you.

But don’t fret just yet. Follow these tips and tricks, and you are sure to be happy with the results.

Before you choose a hairstyle, you must take into consideration the style of your gown, as well as the overall tone you are hoping to set for your wedding. Your hairstyle should complement these aspects — not compete with them. Your face shape also will play a role in your overall decision. Just remember, the goal is to look like the best version of yourself — not someone completely different. So consider styles that don’t stray far from your everyday look. If you regularly wear your naturally wavy hair loose, a simple side-swept bun with a long veil will look more appropriate than tight ringlets and a tiara.

The veil has become a classic wedding accoutrement and is available in many lengths, styles and fabrics. Consider the style of your dress when choosing a veil; ideally, these items will be purchased at the same time. Will you want to show off the back of the dress? Stick with a veil of sheer silk netting. Is your dress an ankle-length, vintage chic stunner? A birdcage veil is the likely choice. When choosing a hairstyle, be sure it allows for the veil of your choice to be easily secured.

Another option is to forgo the veil altogether. Baubles designed specifically with your locks in mind are getting more and more popular. Think golden floral combs, delicate headbands and whimsical bun wreaths. You can leave behind jewels and metals of all kind, and go floral; a wreath of delicate rosebuds or one elegant magnolia bloom can add a breath-taking touch of romance.

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