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Spring Brides Traditions: Plan an Elegant Bridal Tea

Spring Brides Traditions: Plan an Elegant Bridal Tea

Plan a Bridal-Tea-PartySpring is the perfect time to host an elegant bridal tea. Whether you are a bridesmaid or the mother of the bride or groom looking to honor the bride-to-be — or are a bride yourself — consider hosting a fancy get-together.

It is inexpensive, chic and fairly easy to pull off without additional stress.

You can save a significant amount of money by hosting the tea at someone’s home rather than at an event center or restaurant. Sunny spring weather means everyone should be comfortable in a backyard or patio setup. You will just need to be sure to have enough seating for everyone, which might require renting a few tables and extra chairs.

An outdoor affair also provides plenty of natural decor. Afraid of rain? Flowers such as peonies are bountiful in spring, and their large blooms mean you only need one or two at each table to create a stunning effect. Roses also are a classic choice, with many varieties blooming in early spring. Any flower you choose, however, will add feminine flare and complement the tea service.

While the betrothed couple might not be registering for china, you can bet that their grandmothers — and the grandmothers of close friends — did so, still have it and hardly ever use it. Many women will most likely be happy to contribute to the occasion and let you borrow their settings. Be sure to keep track of which patterns belong to who, and return them promptly and hand washed. (Most china is too delicate for a dishwasher.)

Not everyone is fond of tea, so be sure to have alternatives to offer to guests. For hot beverages that also can be sipped out of china, offer coffee or hot chocolate (a delicacy consumed yearround in many other countries), as well as cold beverages such as lemonade, or water garnished with cucumber or mint.

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